Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Small Basic Impetus Comp

Last Sunday, just gone, our Lonely Gamers Club managed to gather six members for our annual Basic Impetvs Competition. We had six armies on the tables with players rotating after every game....just so to prove yourself more as a Great General rather than having a great army. This concept worked out very well for all, however the Samnite Army proved to be unbeatable and won all battles against the Athens.  

The winner of our little competition proved to be Jeff Smith with three wins under his belt. Second was John Maguire and third Dave Hancox. Myself, Harrison Smith and Dave Lowe followed closely behind....well we did not make the top three.

Our Armies were also very nicely picked with John providing a Plamyran Army, Myself the Late Romans and Athen Army, Jeff Smith with the Samnites and Early Imperial Romans and last Dave Hancox with Late Seleucid Army. Over all it was great fun and lads had a great time.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Numidian Light Cavalry - Warlord Games

Some more nicely painted figures by Leroy Simpson for a local commission. These three lads are from the highly reguarded Warlord Games Republican Roman range and have been based to represent a unit of Light Cavalry (CL) for Impetvs. The figures were again based by me for the owners collection.



Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gripping Beast - Sassanid Persian Levy Spearmen

The last of my basing for the Sassanid Persians...well at least for the time being. These fine lads were again painted by the very talented Leroy Simpson a few years ago when we all once played WAB...but they have now changed sides and are part of a growing Impetvs Army. Gripping Beast figures are fantastic and will stand the test of time well.